Hazen’s Lori Bezahler On Schools’ Creepy Plan To Monitor Students

(Photo by The Guardian)

For today’s rewind, we wanted to share an article Hazen’s Lori Bezahler authored for The Guardian in 2019.

In the article, she writes about the controversial choice behind The Florida Schools Safety Portal’s decision to collect sensitive data about students to share with law enforcement. The safety portal was set up in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting to assess threats, but the measure to safeguard students doesn’t come without consequences, especially when infringing on their privacy.

Lori writes:

Similar systems are widely used by law enforcement, regardless of considerable evidence that they generate biased results, often unfairly targeting people of color. Despite their inherent bias, police forces use them to make decisions about deploying officers and building a list of potential suspects. Courts use them to determine prison sentences. Customs and Border Protection is installing facial recognition systems at airports and using them to scan state license databases.

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